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Guiding Future Scientists with Modula...

Guiding Future Scientists with Modular Spectroscopy

At Ocean Optics, we believe that tomorrow’s scientists start with today’s students. We want to help you, as educators, bring exciting, hands-on experiments to your classroom with modular spectroscopy. Learn more about our educational systems and curricula Join our monthly eNewsWire for new experiments, videos and product news

Ocean Optics on the Road at QualySens...

Ocean Optics on the Road at QualySense

QualySense has been developing high-end solutions for grain, seed and bean sorting, since 2009. Using a Near-Infrared spectroscopy system from Ocean Optics, the Qualysense Qsorter Explorer  inspects grains and other crops. Find more spectroscopy-based solutions on our Applications Blog. Join our monthly eNewsWire.

Applications in Focus – Life Sc...

Applications in Focus – Life Sciences

From protein fluorescence to DNA absorbance, modular spectroscopy offers a powerful analytical tool for life sciences applications. This video demonstrates how a high-sensitivity spectrometer like the QE Pro is a great option to characterize protein folding. Learn more about life sciences. Join our monthly eNewsWire.

Applications in Focus – Aquapon...

Applications in Focus – Aquaponics

Aquaponics systems combine fish farming with plant cultivation, requiring careful monitoring of system parameters. Discover how spectroscopy and chemical sensing techniques can measure oxygen and pH levels, nutrient concentration and lighting output. Learn more about life sciences. Join our monthly eNewsWire.

Applications in Focus – Recycli...

Applications in Focus – Recycling

Spectroscopy is used to detect specific polymers within a mixed stream of plastic materials, making it simpler and more efficient to sort the materials for recycling. Similar techniques can be applied for real-time quality control. Find out more about materials identification. Join our monthly eNewsWire.

Applications in Focus – Food In...

Applications in Focus – Food Integrity

How often do we consider where our food comes from and whether it’s authentic or even safe? In this video, we discover how the Flame-NIR spectrometer measures reflectance to identify the variety and sweetness of apples. Download our Food Integrity Brochure (PDF). Join our monthly eNewsWire.

Applications in Focus – Environ...

Applications in Focus – Environmental Monitoring

In this video, we simulated an oil spill to demonstrate how oil exhibits LED-induced fluorescence characteristics that are easily measured using modular spectroscopy. Robust systems can be configured to monitor the land, air and sea continuously and remotely. Learn more about our environmental applications. Join our monthly eNewsWire.

Using an Integrating Sphere for Refle...

Using an Integrating Sphere for Reflectance Spectroscopy

An integrating sphere can be a great tool for performing consistent reflectance measurements. Here, we show you tips for using the Ocean Optics ISP-REF integrating sphere. Find out more about reflectance and other measurement techniques. Join our monthly eNewsWire for the latest videos, application notes and product news.

Perform a Reflectance Spectroscopy Me...

Perform a Reflectance Spectroscopy Measurement

Learn how to setup your Ocean Optics spectrometer, light source and accessories for performing a basic reflectance measurement using OceanView software. For more on this and other measurement techniques visit Join our monthly eNewsWire for the latest videos, application notes and product news

Fluorescence Spectroscopy Measurement

Fluorescence Spectroscopy Measurement

Learn the steps performed and equipment used to capture a fluorescence spectra using OceanView software by Ocean Optics. Learn more about this technique. Subscribe to our monthly eNewsWire for product updates, application notes, special pricing and the latest videos.

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