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In the Booth with Ocean Optics at Pho...

In the Booth with Ocean Optics at Photonics West 2015

Dr. Yvette Matley takes Photonics Onine for a tour of our Photonics West booth. Take a look at our diagnostics laboratory and a simulated city in which air quality can be measured. For more information on upcoming Ocean Optics trade shows, visit us at

Espectroscopia de Absorcion Molecular

Espectroscopia de Absorcion Molecular

Experimento demostrando el uso de los espectrómetros de ocean optics para hacer mediciones de absorbancia UV-VIS

Non-invasive Oxygen and pH Measuremen...

Non-invasive Oxygen and pH Measurement in BioFermentation

In this video, we break down the technology and the process of performing non-invasive measurements during red wine fermentation. Using NeoFox, we monitor oxygen in both the headspace and solution. Using the Ocean Optics USB2000+, we monitor the pH levels as the wine ferments. Be sure to visit Ocean Optics Sensors Division to learn more.

Diffuse Reflection Measurement with t...

Diffuse Reflection Measurement with the Arcoptix FTS Spectrometer

In this video, our friends at Arcoptix show you how to perform a basic Diffuse Reflection Measurement, using the FTS Spectrometer, Ocean Optics light source, white reflection standard, and an optical fiber. For more information on the Arcoptix line of spectrometers sold by Ocean Optics, visit us at

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