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Basic Absorbance Spectroscopy Setup

Basic Absorbance Spectroscopy Setup

The basic components to perform an absorbance measurement using  an Ocean Optics spectrometer, software and sampling accessories. Find out more about Absorbance

Spectrometer Repeatability in a Proce...

Spectrometer Repeatability in a Process Environment

Miriam Mowat walks us through a basic setup illustrating the stability of Ocean Optics STS spectrometers. Based on a real customer application, this demo highlights how Ocean Optics is your ideal partner for custom measurement solutions. Find out more on Ocean Optics OEM and custom solutions

Explore the New

Explore the New

The new is loaded with application knowledge, information on measurement techniques and interactive product search tools. The future of miniature spectroscopy has arrived! Explore it today!

Product Spotlight – Flame Spect...

Product Spotlight – Flame Spectrometer

From automated production to interchangeable slits, the future of miniature spectroscopy has arrived. Live from Photonics West 2015, David Creasey explains the benefits of this novel new spectrometer. Learn more here.

The Power of Spectroscopy – Sam...

The Power of Spectroscopy – Sampling in a Process Environment

This setup demonstrates how the thermal stability of the Flame spectrometer can be utilized in a process flow. Manufacturing facilities have widely varied environmental temperatures. See how Flame delivers the same online monitoring, regardless of these differences. Click here to learn more about Flame

Product Spotight – Interchangea...

Product Spotight – Interchangeable Slits

Dr. Mattley shows us how easy it is to change slit assemblies on the Ocean Optics QE Pro spectrometer. Interchangeable slits add measurement flexibility to several of our spectrometers Find out more about the QE Pro Stay updated on products and application. Join our monthly eNewsWire

Ocean Optics OEM Capabilities

Ocean Optics OEM Capabilities

This video/animation illustrates the capabilities of Ocean Optics and our OEM / Custom Solutions. From modular configurations to fully integrated sensing systems, Ocean Optics is your OEM partner. For more information, visit To receive your monthly newsletter visit

Optical Oxygen and pH Sensors Display

Optical Oxygen and pH Sensors Display Sign-up for our Monthly eNewsWire Derek Guenther discussed the optical sensing capabilities from Ocean Optics. Thanks to our friends at for stopping in to shoot this video!

New Product Spotlight – Apex Sp...

New Product Spotlight – Apex Spectrometers Sign up for our Monthly eNewsWire Meet the Apex Spectrometer from Ocean Optics. Apex is the first in our new Elite Series of products. Apex offers superior sensitivity, resolution and range over comparable miniature spectrometers.

Product Spotlight – USB Spectro...

Product Spotlight – USB Spectrometers

Meet the USB line of spectrometers from Ocean Optics. Our versatile, flagship USB spectrometers are among the best selling spectrometers in the world. Find out more about USB spectrometers

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